Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering- Advising

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


The Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department no longer puts advising holds on student registration. Other holds may still be in place; it is suggested that these be cleared well in advance of registration.

  • Please read the Advising Briefing

    For advising questions please see Dr. Amundson or Dr. Albertson

    • Our office hours are:
      • Dr. Albertson - Tues 9:30 - 10:40, Thurs 9:30 - 12:05
      • Dr. Amundson - Mon 12:15 - 2:55, Tue - Thurs 1:40 - 2:55

    You may also email with advising questions. Include a copy of your Self Advising Spreadsheet, latest version (Fall 2018), and a copy of your expanded degree audit.


The required self-advising excel spreadsheet can be accessed under the Current Students tab. Enter the classes exactly as listed in the catalog, without spaces (e.g. MAE1502, MAE4000, or PES1110). If you plan on taking the Aero minor, please select "TRUE" from the drop down box at the bottom.

Faults with pre/co-requisites will show on the right column in red, missing classes for the ME major or AE minor will be listed at the bottom. Students must use the most current version posted as it includes all program changes.

Self-Advising Spreadsheet


PPCC Concurrent Students

PPCC concurrent students must contact the Student Success Center either by email, walk-in appointment, or scheduled appointment to get your general advising hold removed.

All general advising contact information can be found here.

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