Department of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science

Computer Science at UCCS

The Computer Science Department provides undergraduate, master's, and Ph.D. degrees that prepare students for the workforce or continued studies. The department offers many choices in degrees and certificates to meet the needs of students and industry.

At the undergraduate level, Bachelor of Science degrees are ABET accredited, as is the Bachelor of Innovation in Computer Science and Bachelor of Innovation in Computer Science Security. The department offers a cross-discipline Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering with the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, and a Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics and Systems Engineering. For those interested in adding professional skills, an undergraduate certificate in cybersecurity gives students skills to increase professional opportunities.

The newest degree is the Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science with four built-in degree tracks in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and machine learning, game development, or computer science. This degree is an applied computer science degree that will help fulfill workforce needs in software development. This degree offers expanded admission requirements, flexible general education credit selection, and benefits for transfer students in the number of general education credits.

At the graduate level, the department offers thesis-based Master of Science degrees, project-based Master of Engineering degrees, professional graduate certificates, and Ph.D. degrees. Each degree or certificate has a focus area in one of these areas: computer science, cybersecurity, security, software engineering, games and media integration, network system security, secure software, or games and media integration.

The Computer Science Department has two undergraduate degrees that are ABET accredited:  Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Bachelor of Innovation in Computer Science.  Please visit our Undergraduate Degree offerings for details.

Why study computer science?
Computer science has applications in virtually every major field, including banking, business administration and management, engineering, applied and pure mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, word-processing, database management, simulation, numerical analysis, statistics, games, robotics, medicine, animation, automobile and aviation industry, personal communication, and security. The application of digital computers in all phases of our lives has created many career opportunities. The job market for graduates having a degree in computer science is strong and supported by clear trends for continued growth.
Why Computer Science at UCCS?
The UCCS curriculum in computer science is modern and rigorous. The Department of Computer Science takes great pride in emphasizing quality teaching supported by modern computer facilities. The UCCS curriculum in computer science also requires a concentration of related courses chosen by the student. This requirement is intended to ensure that the graduates of the program will have a base of knowledge embracing a field where computers are applied.
Jugal Kalita
Chair's Message
Computer Science is the study of how computers, those ubiquitous machines that govern every aspect of our lives, are built, organized and exploited to achieve objectives that humans have set forth.

Over the years, the Department of Computer Science at UCCS has excelled in preparing undergraduates for careers in the computing industry locally and nationally, by providing a wide variety of ABET-accredited classes of high quality. Most if not all of our graduates find lucrative employment opportunities even before they finish their senior year. We offer a Bachelor of Science (BS) program and several Bachelors of Innovation (BI) programs so that bright and ambitious students can follow their dreams for success. The department has over 500 majors across all the programs. We also offer several Masters level programs to suit the needs of full-time students as well as working individuals in the area.

Our PhD programs, one in Computer Science and the other in Security, have gained increasing national reputation during the past decade. Area of faculty expertise include Computer Networks, Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Biomedical Informatics, Game Design and Development,  Optimized Compilers, Software Engineering, Virtual Reality and Cyber-physical systems. Please visit the faculty Websites if you are a prospective graduate student. The current number of PhD students in the Department is almost a hundred, a fairly large number for our size. The Department is proud to have on its faculty two NSF Career Awardees. The faculty members in the Department receive grants from the National Science Foundation and other federal sources, and from industry on a regular basis. The department is accredited as National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education by the National Security Agency. Our graduates work in industry locally and nationally, in firms like Lockheed Martin, IBM, MITRE, Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, Google, Northrop Grummon, Atmel, ISS, etc. Intelligent Software Solutions (ISS), now called Polaris after a merger, headquartered here in Colorado Springs and Fredericksburg, VA, employing 1,100 people was co-founded by a UCCS graduate. Finally, ours is an aspiring and ambitious department, ready to reach higher grounds in undergraduate education and graduate programs, and research, development and technology transfer.  

Jugal Kalita
Professor and Chair 

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