Industry Engagement

Industry Engagement for Results

The College of Engineering and Applied Science welcomes connections to industry for internships, employment, project sponsorship, research agreements, partnerships, and other types of engagement. The College has approximately 1,700 students in three academic departments - Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. We offer 24 different degrees: undergraduate, masters, or Ph.D. across the three departments.

Fall 2022 Hiring Events - Sign up now!

October 6, 1:00pm-6:00pm Virtual Career Fair - Computer Science and Cybersecurity 


October 13, 2022, 11:00am-4:00pm, In-Person - Engineering and Computer Science Career Fair 

Hire an Engineering Mountain Lion
Connect with the College of Engineering and Applied Science to hire students for internships, short- or long-term projects, or full-time, post-graduate employment. Our goal is to provide local, regional, and national employers with a talented, well-educated workforce. The College offers 24 different degrees, including undergraduate, masters, and Ph.D. Students at all levels of experience and abilities are ready to provide value to your organization.

Success Tips:
Organizations that work with the College of Engineering and Applied Science Internship Office receive customized assistance in identifying the best engagement strategies to meet internship and hiring needs.
Plan ahead, start early, and think competitively.
Consider career-focused engagement opportunities within the College to connect with students.

Expand Your Talent Pool with College of Engineering and Applied Science Students:
Consider an internship program to create a hiring pipeline, retain talent and convert interns to employees after graduation.
Think competitively to engage with students early and often to brand your company.
Utilize short- or long-term student employment to assist with projects at minimal cost.
Hire students already trained in your methods and practices as permanent employees for faster onboarding after graduation.

Hiring Opportunities:
Handshake Job/Internship Board
*Engineering and Computer Science Career Fair (Fall/Spring semesters)
*Computer Science and Cybersecurity Career Fair (Fall/Spring semesters)
Industry Tabling in the Engineering/Osborne/Cybersecurity Buildings

Student Engagement/Industry Branding Opportunities:
Industry Panels
Engineering Week Activities
Career Building/Exploration
Mock Interviews
Resume Reviews
Speakers Bureau
Tech Talks
Senior Design Sponsorship
Research Collaborations
Senior Design Sponsorship
Bring Real-World Engineering Problems and Experience to UCCS Students
Engineering undergraduate students go through a capstone experience prior to graduation. External project sponsors (clients) bring real problems to the degree programs and students are formed into teams to address the clients’ problems over one to two semesters, depending on the degree program. Senior design projects aid in student transition from engineering student to practicing engineer.

Students are responsible for project planning and management, interacting with their project sponsor client, working as a team, learning about their problem’s domain, utilizing an engineering design process, understanding and effectively using all types of communication practices, and creating final client deliverables, in addition to fulfilling requirements of the senior design course.

Benefits of project sponsorship:

A dedicated and energetic team of 3-5 students working for 1-2 semesters to address a problem for your organization

A fresh set of eyes on your problem, perhaps shedding a different light on the issues surrounding it

A thorough test-run for the 3-5 students on your team as potential new hires in your organization

Exposure to the entirety of graduating engineering students for recruitment purposes

The knowledge that you are helping to educate the next generation of engineering professionals
Engineering Leadership Council
Industry Engagement
The UCCS Engineering Leadership Council exists to bring together industry and higher education to provide meaningful solutions to regional workforce needs, deliver world class education, and create positive benefits for the college, students, and industry. Membership is by invitation and encompasses senior management in relevant industry sectors.
Speaker’s Bureau
Give Back and Share Your Expertise
The College of Engineering and Applied Science Speakers Bureau is utilized throughout the College by staff, faculty, and student clubs. Community or organization members with technical engineering and computer science backgrounds and experience are utilized for a variety of student engagement opportunities.

Contact Information:

Sue McClernan,

Career and Industry Outreach Program Director

UCCS College of Engineering and Applied Science