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Mechanical and aerospace engineering is the application of science to solve real-world problems using mathematical analysis, computer simulations, and experimental testing. Applications of mechanical engineering are broad and include transportation, medical devices, manufacturing, robotics, materials science, and many more. Students of mechanical and aerospace engineering become proficient in a broad range of engineering disciplines including statics, dynamics, thermodynamics, materials science, electrical engineering, fluid mechanics, and design.

The UCCS Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department (MAE) is a growing department, and is the second largest department in the College of Engineering and Applied Science. MAE offers multiple degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels, designed to rigorously educate engineering students and to prepare them for careers in industry or academia.

Peter Gorder
Message from the Chair
Welcome to Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at UCCS.

The Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) Department was formed in 1999, and has since seen steady growth. Now the second largest in the college, MAE has since added an Aerospace Minor and Ph.D. program. The degrees offered by the department are designed to prepare graduates both for the workforce and for graduate studies, and the Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering has been fully accredited by ABET since the first graduating class in 2001.
At the graduate level, the department offers both a thesis-based and Course-Based Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering as well as the Ph.D. in Engineering.

The department is made up of outstanding faculty, staff, and students., MAE faculty are engaged in a broad range of cutting-edge research projects, funded by government and industry agencies including the National Science Foundation, Department of Defense, and Department of Energy. Our department offers many undergraduate and graduate research opportunities, and our faculty are committed to quality education both in and out of the lecture hall. The connection to industry is also a defining characteristic of the department, with an extensive list of industry partners involved in the Senior Design program, sponsoring project teams and serving as real clients to aid in the students’ transition from Engineering Student to Professional Engineer.

Peter Gorder
Associate Professor and Chair
Undergraduate Program
The department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering offers a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, as well as a minor in Aerospace Engineering. The department also offers a 5-year combined Bachelors and Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. Multiple scholarships and fellowships are available for undergraduate students to pursue research opportunities.
Graduate Program
The department offers graduate degrees at both the Masters and Doctorate levels. Students have multiple opportunities for teaching and research assistantships throughout their graduate studies. The wide range of research interests in the department facilitate graduate research in many different areas, and the department's numerous aerospace and military partnerships present multiple opportunities for external fellowships and internships.

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