Message from the Dean

Message from the Dean

Dr. Michael Corl
Interim Dean of the UCCS College of Engineering and Science

The College of Engineering and Applied Science (EAS) at the UCCS is an innovative, exciting, and dedicated collection of faculty, staff, and students focused on the science and application of engineering and computer science. The College spans twenty separate degrees with 1,700 students. We award multiple Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral degrees in the broad areas of mechanical, computer, electrical engineering, and computer science. In addition, we have online Master’s degrees for professionals already in the workforce. The College strives to enable a diverse group of students to graduate with a modern up-to-date education and the ability to pursue a career in the technical workforce or continue their education with a graduate degree. We have nearly 70 faculty and staff whose primary purpose is to enable student success and discover the technologies of tomorrow.

We are so fortunate to be located amongst dozens of engineering and computer related companies. Our partnerships with industry keep us grounded in the workforce needs of the region and open doors for our students to pursue internships or begin careers. We understand that education is a partnership that relies on formal education from the University, but also the learning environment that industry provides as graduates pursue careers.

We offer traditional Bachelor of Science degrees rooted in technical depth and design, but also the Bachelor of Innovation (BI) degrees. The BI degrees have their roots in cross-disciplinary entrepreneurial education enabling students to experience core engineering and computational science while learning the business and inventive components required for success. We have expanded our graduate programs over the last five years at the Master and Ph.D. levels. One area of depth for the College is in the area of cybersecurity. In addition to being a DHS/NSA Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense, we have partnered with the National Cybersecurity Center in Colorado Springs to help prepare the next generation of graduates to contribute to workforce needs in this challenging and in-demand area.

Through our graduate programs and grants, our faculty and students each contribute to their respective fields. Their dedication to the research enterprise brings contributions to graduate education and broadens the body of knowledge in their fields.

UCCS and the College provide a great experience for our students. That coupled with the boundless opportunities from local industry, creates a winning combination. Please take the time to explore our degree programs and drop in and see us to learn more about the opportunities in engineering and computer science here at UCCS.

Michael Corl, Ph.D.,
Interim Dean, UCCS College of Engineering and Applied Science