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Professional Master's Degrees and Graduate Certificates for Engineers and Technical Professionals

Earn your master's degree or professional graduate certificate 100% online. Increase your career prospects by enrolling in a Master of Engineering or Graduate Certificate in any one of these areas: engineering management, space operations, or systems engineering.

A Master of Engineering degree is an applied professional degree, giving technical depth within the degree area and using a capstone project instead of a research thesis to provide experiential mastery of the subject area.

Graduate certificates are a shorter and practical way to expand your skill set for increased career opportunities. If a master's degree is more than you need, a graduate certificate offers a subset of master's level courses in the same subject areas as the online Master of Engineering degrees. Completion of the graduate certificate adds professional skills to enhance your current job or future prospects. Courses completed under a graduate certificate program may be able to be applied to the same subject Master of Engineering degree.


  • Finish your degree anywhere - all courses are online so that students do not have to come to the UCCS campus
  • Enhance your career opportunities
  • Enroll in nationally ranked online programs

Proven Results

Proven results in retention, program completion time, student satisfaction and peer comparisons.

  • Students and alumni are employed by some of the top leaders in engineering and space industries
  • Course delivery is facilitated by the CANVAS learning platform for all course content, assignments, student-instructor interactions, and course administration
  • Instructors are UCCS faculty and qualified working professionals with expertise in the subject area
  • Instructors are helpful and available for student assistance

Master of Engineering Degrees

    This UCCS program will prepare engineers for effective technical management through a series of courses focused on the key skills needed to be successful in a technology-driven work environment.


    The Master of Engineering with a specialty in Space Operations (MESO) is well suited for working professionals involved in civil, military, or commercial space operations, space systems requirements, design specifications, payload and mission support, and space systems analysis.


    This UCCS program is designed to enhance value in today's engineering workforce by focusing on the roles of a systems engineer.

Graduate Certificate Programs

    The College of Engineering and Applied Science offers an online Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management to qualified students. The certificate program is a practical and convenient way for engineers and technical professionals to build on their technical education foundation. 


    The College of Engineering and Applied Science offers an online Graduate level Certificate in Space Operations to qualified students.


    The College of Engineering and Applied Science offers an online Graduate level Certificate in Systems Engineering to qualified students. The program has been designed to provide employees of engineering companies with an opportunity to enhance their systems engineering knowledge and skills.

Director, UCCS College of Engineering and Applied Science Online
Message from the Director

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs College of Engineering and Applied Science Online Graduate Programs offer a range of outstanding educational opportunities, including Master of Engineering degrees and graduate certificate programs. These applied, non-thesis programs are designed to build on your undergraduate education while at the same time leveraging your professional experiences. Our online graduate programs provide you with the opportunity to study with faculty who are committed to their roles as instructors, scholars, and industry professionals. The online programs allow you the flexibility and convenience to continue working while earning your degree. Participation in these programs will help build your professional network and provide you with knowledge and skills to advance your career.

I invite you to explore the details of our online graduate programs through the links found here. Our staff and faculty welcome your interest in the UCCS College of Engineering and Applied Science Online Graduate Programs.


Michael J. Corl

The College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs is an innovative, exciting, and dedicated collection of faculty, staff, and students focused on the science and application of engineering and computer science. The College spans twenty separate degrees with 1,700 students. We award multiple Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral degrees in the broad areas of mechanical, computer, electrical engineering, and computer science. In addition, we have online Master’s degrees for professionals already in the workforce. The College strives to enable a diverse group of students to graduate with a modern up-to-date education and the ability to pursue a career in the technical workforce or continue their education with a graduate degree. We have nearly 70 faculty and staff whose primary purpose is to enable student success and discover the technologies of tomorrow.

We are so fortunate to be located amongst dozens of engineering and computer related companies. Our partnerships with industry keep us grounded in the workforce needs of the region and open doors for our students to pursue internships or begin careers. We understand that education is a partnership that relies on formal education from the University, but also the learning environment that industry provides as graduates pursue careers.