Electrical Engineering Minor

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Minor in Electrical Engineering

The minor in Electrical Engineering requires at least 22 credit hours of course work and every course in the minor must be completed with a grade of C or better. The student will be responsible for any prerequisites to required courses. At most, 9 credit hours of transfer work may be applied to the minor.

Minor courses are as follows:

Required Core Courses (10 hours)
ECE 1001-3 Introduction to Robotics
ECE 1021-3 Computer Based Modeling & Methods in Engineering
ECE 2610-4 Introduction to Signals and Systems


Choose one of the following areas:
Computers (12 hours)
ECE 1411-2 Logic Circuits I
ECE 2411-2 Logic Circuits II
ECE 3420-1 Microprocessor Systems Laboratory
ECE 3430-3 Introduction to Microcomputer Systems
ECE 3440-1 Microcomputer Systems Laboratory
ECE 4480-3 Computer Architecture and Design


Electronics (15 hours)
ECE 2050-3 Introduction to Physical Electronics
ECE 2205-4 Circuits and Systems I
ECE 3210-3 Electronics I
ECE 3220-3 Electronics II
ECE 3230-1 Electronics Laboratory I
ECE 3240-1 Electronics Laboratory II

Electromagnetics (13 hours)
ECE 2205-4 Circuits and Systems I
ECE 3110-3 Electromagnetic Fields I
ECE 3120-3 Electromagnetic Fields II
ECE 4110-3 Electromagnetic Theory and Applications

Systems (14 hours)
ECE 2205-4 Circuits and Systems I
ECE 3205-4 Circuits and Systems II
ECE 3610-3 Engineering Probability & Statistics

And one of the following:
ECE 4510-3 Feedback Control Systems
ECE 4625-3 Communication Systems I


To declare a minor contact the Academic Advising.

For additional information, please contact the ECE Department.


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