Computer Engineering Minor

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering Minor

The minor in Computer Engineering requires at least 25 credit hours of course work. A 2.0 minimum is required on all coursework. The student will be responsible for any prerequisites to required courses.


Minor courses are as follows:
ECE 1001-3 Introduction to Robotics
ECE 1021-3 Computer Based Modeling and Methods in Engineering
ECE 1411-2 Logic Circuits I
ECE 2411-2 Logic Circuits II
ECE 3420-1 Microprocessor Systems Laboratory
ECE 3430-3 Introduction to Microcomputer Systems
CS 115-3 Principles of Computer Science
CS 145-3 Data Structures & Algorithms
CS 208-2 Programming in UNIX
CS 330-3 Software Engineering

students working in a robotics lab


To declare a minor contact the Academic Advising.

For additional information, please contact the ECE Department.