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Master of Engineering in Engineering Management

The Master of Engineering in Engineering Management prepares engineers for a technology-driven management environment. Increases professional skills to manage and lead by integrating technology and business. Develops effective response strategies to real-world business challenges. The curriculum is consistent with the American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM) guidelines.

The Master of Engineering in Engineering Management program is proud to be a Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP) participant. The WRGP allows students who are residents of Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) states to enroll in programs outside of their home state at resident tuition rates.

"What I loved about the ME Engineering Management program was that it allowed me a great degree of flexibility in completing my coursework, while also providing me with practical skills to develop my career. The leadership course was outstanding in teaching how to step into the management role, and the technical classes furthered my understanding of systems directly related to my profession."  Rita Schrock, Alumna, Fall 2014, Aerospace Engineer, United Space Alliance

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