2020 Strategic Plan

Dean Dandapani
2020 Strategic Plan
Friends and colleagues,

I am excited to release this updated College of Engineering and Applied Science 2020 Strategic Plan. This plan was developed by faculty and staff to assist in prioritization of goals and resources over the next five years, ensuring our College remains in pursuit of academic excellence.

The college is currently in a strong position. We are nationally ranked by U.S News and World report among both public and private institutions. Additionally, we are ranked among research one institutions and are designated by the National Security Agency as a National Center of Academic Excellence. As we go forward, it is my desire to build on these successes and improve even further. In addition to academic excellence, we must embrace an entrepreneurial focus to stay competitive in today's world.

This plan focuses on three main areas: First, it emphasizes our need to establish an inclusive, collaborative environment that fosters a sense of community among faculty, staff, and students. Second, the plan emphasizes our endeavor to earn national recognition for all Engineering and Applied Science Programs. Finally, it affirms our budgetary goal to maintain balanced growth (with respect to the campus Sources and Uses financial statements) while executing this plan. This strategic plan is critical to the College of Engineering and Applied Science, and will greatly assist us in accomplishing the College goals, mission, and vision.

R. Dandapani, Dean
Strategic Plan

2020 Strategic Plan

Goal One: Quality and Relevant Education for EAS Students
Goal Two: Distinguished Research and Development
Goal Three: Inclusive and Robust Student Body