Kratos donates channel simulator to UCCS Engineering Lab

Kratos donates channel simulator to UCCS Engineering Lab, features a group photo

UCCS electrical engineering students will now be able to study and analyze communication signals between platforms such as ground stations, satellites, airplanes, UAVs/drones, or missiles thanks to an in-kind gift of a channel simulator from Kratos and its local subsidiary, Kratos RT Logic. This provides UCCS students with the ability to easily create signals in the laboratory that precisely match those that occur in space or in Earth’s atmosphere.

“The channel simulator is a great tool to generate realistic space, atmospheric and terrestrial signals for test, experimentation and instruction,” said Michael Clonts, channel simulator product manager at Kratos. “Students can analyze and visualize what happens to signals as they propagate. This will help students design communications systems and waveforms that tolerate natural signal effects as well as accidental and purposeful interference. The system allows students to easily create propagation scenarios, model antenna, platform and multi-path properties, and create tropospheric effects, such as refraction, fog, rain and clouds.”

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