Business Tour at Jaxon Engineering and Maintenance

Business Tour at Jaxon Engineering and Maintenance

Tour Jaxon Engineering on April 29 from 9am-12:00pm to see behind the scenes of what happens in the electronic magnetic pulse (EMP) design industry. Topics will include careers, workforce, degrees, internships, and the industry. Led by industry professionals. Q&A encouraged!

Transportation and lunch will be provided.


More information on Jaxon Engineering:

Jaxon is a distinguished leader in EMP hardening and survivability. They provide all EMP facility lifecycle services which serve to lower costs, reduce risk and maximize survivability. They design, build, test and maintain EMP hardened infrastructure for government and commercial clients around the world. Their EMP Shield designs are currently protecting both physical and information assets worldwide. They are a turn-key solution with a proven track record of successful project completion.

We hope to see you there! 


 This event is in-person. Register now! Spaces are limited.

Sponsored by: Student Empowerment in Cybersecurity and Engineering Program, providing career development to historically underrepresented student groups in cybersecurity and engineering.


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