Oluwatosin Oluwadare

Oluwatosin Oluwadare portrait

Oluwatosin Oluwadare

Assistant Professor
Computer Science
ENG 244

Biographical Sketch

Dr. Oluwatosin Oluwadare is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Innovation at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, USA. He received his Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science (CS) from the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria, his Master of Science degree in CS from the University of Texas, Arlington, and his PhD in CS from the University of Missouri, Columbia. Dr. Oluwadare’s research focus areas are Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Big data analytics. He has proposed and been published in reputable journals and have developed novel methods focused on machine learning application in bioinformatics.

More details about his research and a list of publications can be found at https://uccs-bioinformatics.com/.

Dr. Oluwadare has a keen interest in researching in machine learning and its various applications. He proposed and led the development of a software app called EyeCYou; this app uses AI to provide the facial description of a person to the visually impaired. Learn More about EyeCYou here: http://eyecyouapp.com/.  The app is freely available for download on the apple app store.