Computer Science Applied Cybersecurity Undergraduate Certificate

Computer Science

Applied Cybersecurity Undergraduate Certificate

The Applied Cybersecurity Undergraduate Certificate is comprised of four courses:

  1. CS3910 System Management & Security
  2. CS4910 Introduction to Computer Security
  3. CS4920 Introduction to Applied Cryptography
  4. CS4950 Homeland Security and Cybersecurity

This certificate is designed for learners who work in the cybersecurity career field and those interested in entering the cybersecurity career field. While there are no prerequisites to pursue this certificate, students are expected to attain the prerequisites for individual courses. Learners will more likely succeed if they have a basic understanding of computer systems and network architectures, have some programming experience, and are proficient in problem solving and algebra. Otherwise, this course provides an introduction to the basic principles and practical application of cybersecurity. At the completion of this certificate, learners will have a working knowledge of cybersecurity, what it is, how it's done, what are its limits, and why it is essential to contemporary industrial society. While each course is independent and learners are not required to take them in any particular order, we recommend learners complete them in ascending numerical order to maximize their learning experience. Upon successful completion of these specializations, learners will be awarded a UCCS certificate helpful to advancing their careers. This certificate was specifically designed to be both practical and applicable to professionals working and interested in the cybersecurity field. 

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