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Internships for College of Engineering & Applied Science Students

The College of Engineering & Applied Science (EAS) encourages all students to participate in at least one internship during their degree program to gain valuable skills. Experiential learning is an integral part of the degree program and allows students to transfer their coursework to real-world applications, develop soft skills, and increase employability upon graduation.

Benefits of Internships

  1. Transfer academic curriculum to real-world application and experience
  2. Participate in a mentored, positive learning experience
  3. Receive employer-specific training and increase technical skills
  4. Improve attractiveness to employers
  5. Learn soft skills: teamwork, communication, business practices, self-confidence, deliverables
  6. Improve classroom learning for all students with information and technology transfer
  7. Improve future salary and job prospects by having applied experience

Success Stories

Angelo Ortiz-Mejias: DMS Intern
Angelo Ortiz-Mejias: DMS Intern
Chase Nelson: Intern
Chase Nelson: Intern
Cory Ross: Intern
Cory Ross: Intern
J Supulveda: EAS Intern 2018
J Supulveda: EAS Intern 2018
EAS Intern CSU 2018
EAS Intern CSU 2018

College of Engineering & Applied Science Internship Office

Career Assistance

The College of Engineering and Applied Science Internship Office is ready to assist you in finding an internship or employment.

Technical Resume Reviews, Cover Letters, Search Help, Tips, Career Events

Working with students to form an internship/employment plan and make sure you have the resources you need.

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