Why Choose EAS

Engineering and Applied Science

We Prepare You For The Future

The College of Engineering & Applied Science aspires to improve health, welfare, and prosperity through technical learning, research, professional practice, and invention. We bring out a passion in our students for life-long learning, and help create engineers and scientists who are knowledgeable and competitive in the global marketplace throughout their careers.


Here's what an education in the College of Engineering & Applied Science can do for you:
  • help you develop intellectually
  • offer personal rewards
  • prepare you for a career of decision-making
  • open the door to challenging work through rewarding, paid internships
  • prepare you to work in a professional environment
  • help to ensure financial security when you graduate
  • provide you with real-world undergraduate research experience
Turning Ideas Into Reality
What do engineers and computer scientists do? They turn ideas into reality! The word "engineer" comes from the same Latin word ingenium as the words "genius" and "ingenious." By drawing on a solid foundation in science and mathematics, our graduates find ways to improve the quality of life. As technology evolves, engineering and computer science also evolves, incorporating new knowledge and emerging technologies.

The engineers and computer scientist of today are solving the problems of the 21st Century. Albert Einstein said it best, "Scientists investigate that which already is; engineers create that which has never been." Engineering and applied science can give you the education needed to excel.

Our graduates are solving tomorrow’s problems. In our increasingly high-tech world, our graduates are offered many opportunities, superior salaries, and professional satisfaction. A degree in engineering or computer science opens the door to a world of opportunity!

The demand for our graduates is growing. Our graduates get entry level positions that pay better than many any other fields. Job security is also higher than for most other career paths.

Join us, to enhance your life through quality education!