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STEM Academy

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The UCCS Summer STEM Academy is a weeklong, in-person, day-only summer camp for high school students. Stem Academy is open to any student, entering grades 9 through 12, who has a strong interest in STEM. We are looking for highly motivated students to help inspire continuation of STEM studies in the future.

The camp is sponsored by Northrop Grumman and the UCCS College of Engineering and Applied Science. Northrop Grumman volunteers engage with students and provide future career discussion opportunities and mentoring.

Space is limited and students will select a first and second track preference.


Thank you for your interest in the summer STEM Academy. After nine years of successfully running the summer STEM Academy, we have decided to shake things up and bring an all-new high school engagement opportunity to students.

Look for a new 9th and 10th grade STEM, Engineering, and Computer Science event at UCCS in autumn 2023. Have an opportunity to come to the College of Engineering and Applied Science to explore computer science, engineering, cybersecurity, and data science. Find out about new technology, future knowledge needs, and the education to achieve your goals.

For summer camp opportunities, please check out cybersecurity camps at the National Cybersecurity Center (, or other STEM camps at the UCCS Pre-Collegiate program (

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STEM Academy Track Descriptions
  • Track 1: Cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity is more than hacking! Learn about the ins and outs of cyber security and get hands-on cyber security practice all week. Explore cyber security career opportunities, ethics, online safety, and cyber threats. Apply cyber security principles, virtual machines, basic Windows security policies and tools, and account management.

    Use file protections, auditing and monitoring, Server 2008, and Linux. Expand into additional terminology and concepts, basic GUI and command line security. Show your stuff by competing in the end of the week CyberPatriot National Youth Cyber Defense Competition.

  • Track 2: Robotics

    Robotics is more than putting together a robot from a kit! Robotics is design. It is construction. It is programming, and its interaction with the environment in an entirely new way.

    Learn more about the foundations of robotics, get your hands dirty building and programming robots, and work with the future of robotic technology. Learn about basic circuitry and design, experiment with robotics and sensors, and build and program robots. Complete a design challenge using everything you’ve learned. We will use your creativity, your ideas, and your skills in order to show you a week full of robotic technology and coding.

  • Track 3: Drones & CAD

    Do you have what it takes to think like an engineer? It’s time to test your skills in the Drones & CAD (computer-aided design) track. For one week, you will be challenged to work with a team of students to solve an engineering design challenge. Learn new skills critical to succeeding as an engineer. Explore computer-aided design and drone technology.

    Your camp experience will be divided into two sessions—morning and afternoon—where you will learn and apply new concepts. Part planning and design, part building—Drones & CAD will merge this variety of skills and tasks as you work to solve a challenge. Are you ready?

  • Track 4: Coding

    Interested in coding and designing games? Use web technologies to implement a turn-based strategy game of your choosing. We’ll cover concepts such as front-end design and the HTML5 canvas, network communication, and game state management in the style of multiplayer visual turn-based games such as Battleship, Risk, Poker, and so on. Design your own custom strategy game! Learn about version control, cloud computing, and continuous delivery by means of GitHub and Heroku.


 Dates: July 18-22, 2022

Times: Monday-Thursday 8:00am-4:00pm, Friday 8:00am-2:00pm

Attendance: In-person camp, no virtual camp tracks

Location: University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) campus


  • A drop off/pick up area is designated.
  •  All-day parking fees for students who drive and park are the responsibility of the student.

Lunch: Students are responsible to bring their own lunch/snacks every day.

Other: Students should bring a water bottle every day.

Fees: There is no cost for accepted students. Note: Students of Northrop Grumman employees will pay a nominal fee.


      Attendance: Students are expected to attend the entire week.

      Public Health:

  • Currently, UCCS does not have a mask mandate or social distancing requirements.
  • However, if the COVID-19 situation changes, students will need to follow any public health instructions required by the university campus, including, but not limited to wearing of a mask and social distancing.
  • While not required, students may optionally wear a mask if they so desire.

How to Apply:

  • Students and parents must complete an application to be accepted into the program. Acceptance notifications will be made via email. Application information is below.
  •  Additional forms are required and are below.

Required Paperwork

Please return all forms to .

1. Application

2. Success Skills Agreement

3. Waivers 


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