Dr. John Adams

Dr. John Adams portrait

Dr. John Adams

Senior Instructor
Mathematical modeling, plasma physics
Osborne A445

About me

Born in England and raised in Australia, I completed my undergrad and masters in physics at the University of Western Australia before moving to Germany to complete my PhD in plasma physics. I then completed a teaching diploma back in Australia and taught high school science for four years. I have been at UCCS since Spring 2013.

With a background in both science and teaching, I enjoy bringing all of my experience to educating our mechanical engineering students and working with other faculty, in particular new faculty, to develop their teaching skills.

Courses taught

  • MAE Undergraduate
    • MAE2055 MechEtronics
    • MAE2200 Materials Engineering
    • MAE3005 Measurements
    • MAE3401 Modeling and Simulation of Dynamic Systems
    • MAE4150 Vibrations
    • MAE4421 Controls
    • MAE4510 Senior Design
  • MAE Graduate
    • MAE5011 Engineering Analysis 1
  • PES Undergraduate
    • PES1110 Physics 1
  • MATH Undergraduate (Colorado College)
    • MA126 Calculus 1
    • MA117 Probability and Statistics

Mentoring activities

Since joining MAE, I have been assisting new faculty develop their teaching skills. Through programs run by the Faculty Resource Center, I have also been able to reach faculty across the campus. Beginning Fall 2019, this work has become more formalized through the Teaching Fellows Program.

  • FRC Teaching Fellow
    • Assist faculty to plan a course
    • Assist faculty to plan and write assessments
    • Lesson observations of faculty to determine strengths and areas of improvement
  • FRC workshops
    • Encouraging Student Engagement in Large Classes, Apr 2020
    • Managing Disruptive Students, Mar 2020
    • UCCS Teaching and Learning Conference, Jan 2020
    • Active Learning Essentials workshop, Nov 2019
    • Creating Outcome Driven Assessments in the Applied Sciences, Oct 2019
    • New Faculty Teaching Kickoff Day, Aug 2019


  • Grad. Dip. Edu.
    University of Western Australia, 2007
  • PhD, Mathematical Physics
    Universität Rostock, 2007
  • BSc (Hons), Physics
    University of Western Australia, 2005


  • Instructor, MAE
    UCCS, Fall 2013-present
  • Instructor, Physics
    UCCS, Spring 2013
  • Instructor, Math
    Colorado College, Summers 2013-2015
  • Teacher, Science
    St Hilda's Anglican School for Girls, Australia, 2008-2011

External contracting

  • Expert witness
    4th Judicial District Attorney, 2014

Publications (This is going back a long way!)

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  • Electrical conductivity of noble gases at high pressures, Phys. Rev. E 76, 036405 (2007).
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