Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering at UCCS

At the request of the industry, UCCS will be offering a new Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering degree.

Earn Your Bachelor's Degree in Aerospace Engineering

UCCS is expanding Aerospace Engineering offerings to include a new Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering. As one of only two aerospace engineering programs in Colorado, the program prepares students for high-paying careers in the aerospace industry.

Expertise in Instruction

Faculty members within this program have earned expertise in their field, with over 23 years of research and aerospace instructional experience.

State of the Art Facilities

The College of Engineering and Applied Science occupies four buildings on the UCCS campus, including the new Anschutz Engineering Center, which opens in January 2024.

Supported by Industry Leaders

Engineering industry leaders have gathered together to form the UCCS Engineering Leadership Council.

Members assist the college by providing resources to support initiatives and supporting college engagement through senior design projects, research, internships, etc.

About the Program

Aerospace engineering contains two distinct disciplines, Aeronautical Engineering and Astronautical Engineering. Accredited Aerospace Engineering degree programs typically favor one or the other.

The B.S. in Aerospace Engineering at UCCS favors the Astronautical Engineering discipline to meet workforce needs. The program curriculum will include:

  • Astronautical Engineering Topic Requirements:
    • Orbital Mechanics
    • Space Environment
    • Attitude Determination and Control
    • Telecommunications
    • Space Structures
    • Rocket Propulsion
  • Aeronautical Engineering Topic Requirements
    • Aerodynamics
    • Propulsion

Anschutz Engineering Center

A new engineering building is under construction on the UCCS main campus to accommodate the growing College of Engineering and Applied Science. This building will be one of four College of Engineering and Applied Science buildings on campus.

The new Anschutz Engineering Center will open in January 2024. This building will house instructional laboratory spaces and research laboratories for hands-on, interactive learning.

About the College

The College of Engineering and Applied Science at UCCS produces highly qualified undergraduate and graduate students with technical depth and competence to satisfy workforce needs.

In addition to a solid technical and fundamental background, students participate in experiential learning in research, senior design projects, team-based projects, and internships.

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